About The Word Loft

The Word Loft mission is to provide educational as well as creative support for children of all ages by focusing on communication through English Language Arts. Our programs are customized to meet the reading, writing and self-expressive developmental needs of each student, and to provide support and guidance in various admission processes. We aim to instill in the students an understanding of and appreciation for all the aspects that make up English Language Arts. Our programs do so through creative and academic workshops - as well as through individual tutoring - which cater to the unique qualities of each participant.

Marci G. Jaffer, Founder

Marci G. Jaffer received an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School University, an MA in English from San Francisco State University and a BA in English from the University of Buffalo. Her short stories have been published in literary magazines and several of her works have been produced for the stage.

Marci has a broad professional background both in education and in using the power of the English language in publishing. She was Creative Coordinator/Producer for Soho Publishing and a Producer and Model Editor for Soho Magazine. Her teaching experience encompasses a wide span of age groups and interests: She has taught English Composition at the college level, K through 12 reading in a distinguished reading program in Northern California, and has fifteen years experience teaching and tutoring reading and writing to children and adolescents of all ages. As a certified New York State Secondary English teacher, Marci has taught grades 9 through 12 in both New York City and upstate New York high schools, and has also worked extensively with Middle and High School students guiding them through the New York City high school admissions process and the college admissions process.

Photography is a serious creative interest for Marci, and her work was recently shown at a small New York City gallery. Entitled Six and Seven in the City, the show was a collection of photos (of NYC children) intended to convey the extreme, precocious maturity, versus the inherent childhood innocence, specific to a child coming of age in New York City.